How to create more demand for life insurance

Anyone who has spent their career in life insurance marketing can tell you that sales aren’t what they used to be. The industry as a whole is hurting and everyone is trying to find a solution to this unprecedented downturn in sales. In this environment, it becomes obvious that we need a new approach. Or as the saying goes, “to get somewhere you’ve never been you have to follow a different path.”

Mimicking industry ads and refreshing previous controls won’t dramatically lift results or set you apart from your competition. The historic decline in sales shows there is a mismatch between what life insurance marketers are saying and what consumers want to hear.

Yet in this environment, some insurance marketers are generating breakthrough results. How? The key is to shift the thinking from the selling process to the buying process. When you shift your focus from the selling process to the buying process, you start to think more like a buyer. You put yourselves in your customers’ shoes. Understand the context of their lives, their aspirations and their goals and you will be better equipped to show them how you can help them.

We have seen time and again that insurance marketers who know how to leverage deep consumer insights can successfully market even the most challenging products. At Bodden Partners we use a custom process is designed so that consumers actually help you help them. By correctly translating the research insights into marketing, we let your prospects tell us what to say and do in order to sell them the products they need at the time they need it.

Curious? Our new report, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Market Insurance, details the dramatic results insurance marketers are having with this approach. Request your copy today.