How to Create More Demand for Insurance

America is experiencing its greatest age wave in history – which means the market potential is staggering. LIMRA estimates that one quarter of Baby Boomers do not yet own any life insurance at all. Of those who do have a life policy, almost half have only group coverage. As these Boomers retire, those who don’t have any coverage except through their jobs will need to replace their group policy with individual insurance. Literally millions of households, across all age groups, still need to prepare and protect their families from the expenses and financial reversals that death can bring.

The need for protection has never been more evident. People are being bombarded by more risks coming from more sources than ever before. With the fallout from Great Recession, globalization, climate change, sudden outbreaks of disease, and other forces beyond their control, Americans have more reasons to feel more insecure than ever before. Everything they hold dear is under threat, from their livelihoods to their retirement security to their health, homes and possessions.
Yet at this time when insurance marketers should be benefiting from these heightened anxieties, too many insurers find themselves struggling with slow growth, increasing marketing costs and reluctant consumers.

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