3 Keys to Breakthrough Life Insurance Sales

There has never been a more challenging time to market life insurance. Fewer people are buying life products than ever before. Many are still struggling with the fallout from the Great Recession and can scarcely afford to purchase coverage. Others, who can afford it, don’t feel a pressing need to go out and buy it.

Of the major protection products, life insurance gets lost in the shuffle when compared with health insurance, homeowners or auto insurance. These products all cover essential day to day risks, whereas studies show life insurance is considered a lower priority.

Faced with challenges like these, what is an insurance marketer to do?

It is in this very environment that Bodden Partners thrives. To find solutions to all of these challenges, we use a combination of proprietary consumer research methodologies, social media listening, and customer experience tools to uncover not only the root cause of the problem, but what it would take to turn consumer behavior around.

Our new report, There’s Never Been A Better Time to Market Insurance details the three keys to overcoming the challenges of life insurance marketing. Request your copy today.