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A Hidden Danger in the Gig Economy

Oct 01

Millennial working freelance in coffee shop

The Gig Economy or Freelance Economy has become the norm for many workers. According to a recent survey, more than 53 million Americans are doing freelance work. That’s 34% of the entire workforce. And no one is embracing freelancing more than Millennials. A full 69% of Millennials surveyed said they would prefer to freelance provided they could find enough projects to earn the salary they want.

Yet for all the flexibility and freedom, freelancers miss out on traditional corporate benefits. And while most freelancers understand the need to purchase individual health coverage, another key piece of their safety net remains off the radar –life insurance.

Reports show that only 34% of adult Millennials own an individual life policy. Yet 55% are already married or in a domestic partnership. Among older Millennials, between ages 25-34, there are now 10.8 million households with children. Unless these families proactively take steps to protect themselves, they remain vulnerable to financial disaster.

How can insurers raise awareness of the need for life insurance? How can they break though when Millennials have become so resistant to traditional advertising approaches? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our new ebook, The Essential Guide to Marketing Life Insurance to Millennials. Download your copy today.

If you would to tap our expert guidance, contact Mark Silverman for a free, custom consultation.

How to Create More Demand for Insurance

Sep 29

chart showing sales increase

America is experiencing its greatest age wave in history – which means the market potential is staggering. LIMRA estimates that one quarter of Baby Boomers do not yet own any life insurance at all. Of those who do have a life policy, almost half have only group coverage. As these Boomers retire, those who don’t have any coverage except through their jobs will need to replace their group policy with individual insurance. Literally millions of households, across all age groups, still need to prepare and protect their families from the expenses and financial reversals that death can bring.

The need for protection has never been more evident. People are being bombarded by more risks coming from more sources than ever before. With the fallout from Great Recession, globalization, climate change, sudden outbreaks of disease, and other forces beyond their control, Americans have more reasons to feel more insecure than ever before. Everything they hold dear is under threat, from their livelihoods to their retirement security to their health, homes and possessions.
Yet at this time when insurance marketers should be benefiting from these heightened anxieties, too many insurers find themselves struggling with slow growth, increasing marketing costs and reluctant consumers.

Why is there so much apathy toward insurance? What can insurance marketers do to change it? Find out in our free ebook entitled There’s Never Been A Better Time to Market Insurance. Download your copy today.

Bodden Partners Celebrates New Client

Oct 02

Bodden Partners and Hamilton Public Relations are happy to announce a successful PR launch for one of our newest clients, C3 Logix, the concussion assessment tool developed by the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Group. Our PR work has resulted in front-page stories on over 350 media outlets including CNN, ABC, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

In addition to PR, Bodden Partners is also responsible for web development.

Bodden Partners Launches Latest Travel and Tourism Campaign

May 29

Bodden Partners has launched its latest advertising campaign and social media promotion for the Israel Ministry of Tourism. The theme “Israel — Beyond Belief” will highlight a selection of the country’s most unique attractions.  In addition, a free Israel vacation giveaway is being promoted on social media. Facebook fans will create an original, short-form video explaining why they should win. All videos must incorporate the contest theme “Israel is beyond belief.” The contest is being promoted through various social media channels and will run through July 28, 2013. The winner will be announced in August.

Three keys to effective trade show marketing

Mar 07

According to recent statistics, the trade show industry is worth over $100 billion and expected to grow another 3% in 2013. Every year between 20 and 30 million consumers attend roughly 10,000 events in the US alone.

In what may come as a surprise to many, the biggest marketing investment among B2B marketers is not social media or website design, SEO or any other component of digital marketing. By far, more business-to-business marketers allocate the largest share of their budget to trade shows. The larger the company, the larger the budget allocation.

Why are companies spending so much to attend trade shows? Exhibitors overwhelming responded that it is the ability to see a large number of high-quality prospects and customers in a short amount of time. How can marketers get the most out of their trade show budgets? Three keys to success: selecting the right show for your product and audience, creating a compelling and memorable exhibit experience and offering real value to attendees.

Let ExpoPlus, a Bodden Partners company, help you design, plan, produce, and install everything you need to make your next trade show, conference or Corporate meeting event a success. We are experts at creating marketing strategies that make your face-to-face efforts stand out among the sea of competitors. Barbara Stroup, VP of Business Development will be happy to assist you.

Respect your elders – they affect everyone they touch

Feb 06

As marketers, we are well aware that the influence of Boomers and older Seniors go well beyond their much-touted spending power. They also influence the lives, time and money of the younger generations in their circles. Take caregiving, for example. Pew Research finds that 14% of adults in their 40s and 50s have already cared for an aging parent or other elderly family member, and nearly 70% say that it is likely they will have to in the future.  Caregiving creates a ripple effect of emotional, physical and financial consequences for families. It can even affect the younger generation’s ability to save, whether it’s for their own retirement or their children’s education.

Many of us at Bodden Partners have lived through these challenges in our own lives. We understand that while caregiving is demanding it can also be a deeply gratifying and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We call upon these personal experiences to help us create more empathetic communications.

Caregiving also creates a ripple effect of marketing opportunities. Caregiving is a family affair that unleashes a host of unmet needs and pent-up demands for information, products and services both for the senior and those providing their care. For example, if you’re a senior whose spouse has health issues, you may want to protect your own future with additional life insurance because you realize that you’re losing assets due to the costs associated with the illness. Stressed out caregivers start looking for respite care, in-home care and senior housing. Seeing their parents in need of help dramatically increases the likelihood that a Gen-X son or daughter will soon be purchasing long-term care insurance to protect themselves, as well as shield their own children’s financial future.

According to AARP, the typical Boomer experiences an average of two major life events around career, family, finance or health each year.  Many of these changes touch the lives of everyone the Boomer touches.  At Bodden Partners, we leverage these life events to help clients serving the senior market expand their target market, communications channels and customer base to reach all possible targets, even those that at first glance may seem hidden.

Respect your elders, they’re younger than you think!

Feb 04

One of our favorite commercials from last night’s historic Super Bowl was Taco Bell’s “Live Más” campaign starring 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt and his friends who sneak out of a retirement home for a night on the town. The night starts off with a dip in someone else’s swimming pool and then includes stops at a dance club and tattoo parlor and of course, a stop at Taco Bell, for a late night feast. The commercial’s theme song “We Are Young” is sung in Spanish and captures the spirit which makes this spot so engaging and fun to watch.

Although, according to Taco Bell’s agency, the ad is aimed at Millennials, we were attracted to it because it vividly depicts the renewed sense of energy and spirit of many older Americans. According to a number of recent surveys, the older people get, the younger they feel. A study by the Pew Research Center found that while a quarter of young people feel older than their age, among adults 65 and older, fully 60% say they actually feel younger than their age. How much younger? One in six report feeling at least 20 years younger than their actual age. Additionally, more than three in four seniors aged 60 to 69 expect their quality of life to stay the same or get better over the next five to ten years.

While these seniors may not be feasting on fast food or sporting brand new tattoos, they are breaking a number of stereotypes that younger people may have about them. More importantly, this dynamic has direct implications for marketers who must exercise great caution not to create communications that could be perceived as offensive, condescending or insensitive to the audience. Every effective message targeting Baby Boomers and older audiences can express comprehension of and empathy toward these consumers. As a communications agency with a growing number of clients serving the senior market, we make sure the work we create starts from the strategy of reflecting our understanding of how these consumers view themselves. We emphasize what they value most — the prospect of continued youthfulness, vitality and independence.

Respect Your Elders

Jan 30

In one of the great ironies of our profession, 60% of employees in the ad industry are under the age of 50. According to Adweek, this is most noticeable in the creative department, where even 40 is sometimes seen as over the hill. Yet in five years, 50% of the population will be 50+ and will control 70% of all disposable income. This sets up a situation where there can be as much as a 30 year age gap between the target audience and those trying to communicate with them. In order to bridge the generation gap, Bodden Partners is introducing a new series of articles entitled “Respect Your Elders.”  The series will dispel common myths and misconceptions about older consumers as well as provide insights into their mindset, concerns and behaviors. We hope you enjoy the series and find it useful. We invite your reactions, opinions and personal experiences.

Mad Men Are True New Yorkers (And Yankee Fans)

Jun 25

New York is a city that loves its rivalries. This weekend, one of the true original New York rivalries gets resurrected —The Yankees vs. The Dodgers. Even though the Dodgers left Brooklyn more than 50 years ago, the history between the two great New York clubs will last forever.

As we watch the Yankees in their classic NY hats take on the Dodgers in Hollywood’s backyard this weekend, we can’t help but think that only one of these teams represent true New Yorkers (we’ll give Brooklyn native Joe Torre a pass, even though he’s managing the Dodgers).

But then maybe it’s because we think our agency really knows New York. Bodden Partners’ Chief Marketing Officer, Marty Mitchell, was very involved in the strategy behind the “I love New York” advertising campaign. And, Mal MacDougall, the Executive Creative Director, was instrumental in getting the publisher of the NY Daily News to challenge its rival to a game of stickball in Brooklyn to see who was the true New Yorker.

So which team are you rooting for tonight? If you’re a true New Yorker, too, then we already know.