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Posts from October, 2013

Caregiving, Don’t Go It Alone

Oct 09

Caring for an aging loved one, while rewarding on many levels, can also be both an emotionally-trying and time-consuming experience. Many first-time caregivers find themselves unprepared for the enormity of what lies ahead.  Many caregivers are spouses, some with their own health issues. Others are daughters and sons, over 60% of whom are trying to juggle caregiving while holding down a job. Women are especially affected. It is estimated 89% of women will be caregivers and in addition to caring for their children, they are likely to spend 18 years helping elderly loved ones.

Not only can caregiving be overwhelming, it can also be an isolating experience. Fortunately help is available. We recently sat down with Lisa Huening an eldercare coach and resource specialist for adult children of aging parents. Her company, The Shifting Path, provides caregivers with tools, programs, solutions and emotional support as they navigate the complex world of healthcare, insurance, financial planning, legal issues, aging in place and senior housing.

Statistics show that an increasing number of well-educated Americans are generally delaying marriage and childbirth.  Lisa observed that several of her clients are caring for a parent while raising 12 and 13 year old children of their own. Others are struggling with challenges of long-distance caregiving. Having dealt with these situations in her life, Lisa decided to use the expertise she’d gained helping others find, organize and access needed resources and eldercare services, many of which are often hidden in plain sight within local communities.

Caregiving is often chaotic and unpredictable. Your loved one’s needs grow more complex and you must make difficult, often emotional decisions. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

Bodden Partners Celebrates New Client

Oct 02

Bodden Partners and Hamilton Public Relations are happy to announce a successful PR launch for one of our newest clients, C3 Logix, the concussion assessment tool developed by the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Group. Our PR work has resulted in front-page stories on over 350 media outlets including CNN, ABC, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

In addition to PR, Bodden Partners is also responsible for web development.