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Posts from June, 2013

Mature Marketing, the Power of Baby Boomer Life Events

Jun 20

Marketers have long recognized the power of life event triggers to create purchasing behaviors. It is estimated that 75% of consumers who seek financial advice do so because of a major life event.

Life event marketers will find a rich target with today’s Baby Boomers. They lead diverse and dynamic lives and are experiencing an increasing number of changes and needs as they age. According to AARP, the typical Boomer experiences an average of two major life events around career, family, finance or health each year.

Events such as retirement, adult children leaving home, becoming a grandparent, becoming a caregiver to an aging spouse or parent and other major life transitions often trigger a need for products and services to help them navigate their new circumstances.

The MetLife Mature Market Institute recently took a detailed look at the life events that are currently impacting the first wave of Boomers, born in 1946 after World War II.  In upcoming installments of the Mature Marketing blog, Bodden Partners will be discussing these findings and the implications they have for life event marketers.

Trade Show Trends, Partnering with Causes to Attract and Engage Audiences

Jun 11

In an environment with over 14,000 trade shows servicing every imaginable sector and interest, exhibitors and attendees are often faced with choosing among competing events while struggling with tight budgets and overbooked calendars. To keep attracting attendees, meeting planners and event marketers are looking for new ways to add value and entice audiences to their conferences and meeting events.

Partnerships with charitable causes add new interest to annual meetings and can help transform a conference into a life-affirming experience. Community service projects inspire attendees and create meaningful engagement, teamwork and goodwill on a deeper level than routine conference networking.

As one of ExpoPlus’ premier annual events, the National Education Association is a veritable case study in advancing community service during an annual meeting. NEA understands and works to make the public aware that a child’s physical environment directly affects their ability to learn. Therefore when NEA’s annual meeting and expo come to Atlanta from June 26 through July 6, an army of volunteers will fan out to connect with, engage and improve the local community.

As many delegates arrive, they bring with them donations of books and school supplies for local area schools and students. Volunteers with the Outreach to Teach team clean, paint, repair and refresh a high-needs public school in the host city, transforming the school into a better learning environment for students. Other NEA volunteers work to improve student living conditions by supporting Habitat for Humanity projects and local food banks.

This year, NEA is expanding its community outreach efforts with Clean the World, a nonprofit that provides personal hygiene products to people in need. More than 42 million Americans live on food stamps, but they cannot be used for hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Lack of proper hygiene impedes learning by making students more susceptible to disease as well as ostracism by peers, both of which can increase school absences. To address this need, NEA is collecting money and personal hygiene products to be donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Additionally a number of the hotels where delegates and exhibitors will be staying while at the convention will also be participating in the Clean the World program.

Through these and other outreach projects, NEA creates enthusiasm and anticipation for the event among delegates, members, visitors, exhibitors, the community and the media.  This goodwill continues long after the event as attendees and participants share memories, photos and experiences with each other and potential future attendees.

ExpoPlus, a Bodden Partners company, encourages meeting planners to consider incorporating community service strategies into their meetings and conferences. These types of programs have built-in PR value, make your event more meaningful and memorable, and help persuade attendees and exhibitors to keep coming back.

Trade Show Marketing, Keys to Success

Jun 05

2013 is off to a strong start for the trade show industry and this growth is expected to gain momentum through the foreseeable future. Each metric measured is experiencing growth, from the number of exhibitors to the number of attendees as well as the amount of revenue generated. The reasons for exhibiting at trade shows are clear and compelling. According to industry research:

  • 84% of the attendees have some kind of buying power
  • More importantly, 49% came to shows with real purchasing intent
  • 91% of attendees say that trade shows impact their buying decisions because the competition is in one place allowing for comparison shopping in real time
  • 32% of attendees had more favorable purchase intentions after visiting a specific exhibitor
  • Trade show visitors will tell 6+ people about their experience

Given the promise of exhibiting at trade shows, how can marketers be more effective in their trade show marketing? This topic will be discussed in future editions of a new blog series we’ve entitled Trade Show Marketing Success, come join the discussion