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Respect Your Elders

Jan 30

In one of the great ironies of our profession, 60% of employees in the ad industry are under the age of 50. According to Adweek, this is most noticeable in the creative department, where even 40 is sometimes seen as over the hill. Yet in five years, 50% of the population will be 50+ and will control 70% of all disposable income. This sets up a situation where there can be as much as a 30 year age gap between the target audience and those trying to communicate with them. In order to bridge the generation gap, Bodden Partners is introducing a new series of articles entitled “Respect Your Elders.”  The series will dispel common myths and misconceptions about older consumers as well as provide insights into their mindset, concerns and behaviors. We hope you enjoy the series and find it useful. We invite your reactions, opinions and personal experiences.